February Specials

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Offer expires March 01, 2019

Treat yourself or a loved one this February!

Book a classic, spa or luxury lavender pedicure in February, 2019 and receive 15% off Mineral Wellness Soak, Turkish Body Scrub, Fu balm and Kerstin Florian Bath and Body Oils (Neroli, Ginger, Lavender, Grapefruit Black Pepper).

Their benefits are:

Turkish Body Scrub

Eucalyptus and stimulating aromatherapy essences are blended with mineral-rich sea salts to exfoliate, invigorate


  • Stimulates circulation and invigorates the skin
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating to leave skin feeling smooth and soft
  • Uplifts, energizes and refreshes the senses

Mineral Wellness Soak

Experience transformative wellness with these concentrated, powerful salts. One of Earth’s most pristine natural treasures, these hand-harvested mineral crystals elevate the bathing experience into a detoxifying, re-mineralizing, muscle relieving wellness treatment. Contains a perfect, rare balance of 60 essential minerals and trace elements to deeply nourish, detoxify and re-balance the body.


  • Contains 60 natural minerals and trace elements to nourish the body.
  • Unique in that it contains a high colloidal silver concentration which is both antibacterial and antiviral.
  • High in magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron and organic lithium, all essential nutrients for the body.
  • Helps to detoxify the body, relieve aching muscles and joints, benefits eczema, digestion and helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Fuss Balm

Menthol, rosemary, pine and lavender provide nourishing and protecting care for the feet. Softens cracked heels.


  • Beneficial while traveling or to counteract long periods being sedentary
  • Refreshes and uplifts tired feet and legs
  • Contains antiseptic essential oils to protect the feet