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Give Yourself a Healthy Glow with a Facial

Facials not only help keep your skin looking younger, but treatments can help with minimizing acne, flush excess water & toxins, help to moisturize and stimulate collegen production and so much more.

Facial Treatments

Elements Day Spa specialize in Kerstin Florian products and treatments. We believe in offering our clients the highest quality products that result in lasting results.

From anti-aging facials to advanced skin repair and lash and brow services, our technicials can help guide you in finding the perfect treatment just for you.

Book your FREE skin consultation so our experts can suggest the best treatement for your requirements.

Lash & Brow

Looking for more volume or length in your eyelashes?

At Elements Day Spa, our technicians can offer some extra wow with various styles of lash extensions ranging from a natural to a dramatic look to your appearance.

Do brows need a little attention as well? We offer eyebrow tinting services as well.

Call us today to find out what services are the best option for you.


Getting married, mother of the bride or part of the bridal party? Elements Day Spa is here to take away some of the stress of that picture perfect day. Our well trained makeup artists will give you the look you deserve on your special day.

We also use luxury quality makeup and products and can teach you how to use them as well.

We offer free makeup consultations so there are no surprises on the day you want to look ‘picture perfect’.

Facial Treatments

Elements Day Spa offer our clients FREE SKIN CONSULTATIONS. The purpose of this consultation is to analyse your skin and discuss with you your concerns and expectations. This allows our staff to make the best treatment recomendations for your specific needs.

Please take a look at the facial treatments below and call us to book your FREE consultation.

Regular Facials

DERMA Needling

Improving Skin Appearance

DERMA Needling is an exciting natural treatment that dramatically increases the quantity, bioavailability and access of topical treatments and further enhances their absorption for cellular nutrition.

We are not directly injecting products into the skin, this minimally invasive process creates micro channels to the dermis for the enhanced delivery of actives where they will have a cell regulating function, thereby improving skin appearance, texture and tone.

The Dermapen treatment triggers collagen production through a microneedling technique. Fractional micro-needling can be used to reduce signs of aging in skin, wrinkles, skin impurities, acne scars, stretch marks, skin tightening and pigmentation marks.

We offer free consultations to see if you're a good candidate for this procedure, and everyone goes home with a home care product kit for best results.

Services & Pricing

Derma Needling

Correcting Peel Facial

Deep Cleanse, Toning

Deep cleansing and toning followed by a 30% multi-acid peel. This will help to brighten and help to even skin tone.

Then followed by a 16 point acupressure massage, and an intensive serum and moisturizer to help hydrate and tighten the skin.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Correcting Peel Facial ( 30 min )

Sensitive Skin Facial

Calm, Hydrate

A deep cleansing, ultimate sensitive facial that corrects and rebuilds skin affected by environmental stress, rosacea.

It includes a peel off masque to calm and hydrate.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Sensitive Skin ( 60 min )

Brightening Facial

Brightening, Clarifying

This treatment delivers brightening and clarifying results for immediate luminosity to the skin.

This facial uses a powerful blend of skin illuminating bonicals and acti-5 brightening complex along with a multi acid peel and a unique cooling masque with luminous rice, skin appears lighter, brighter and more refined.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Brightening Facial ( 60 min )
woman getting a custom deep cleanse facial mask applied at a salon

Custom Deep Cleanse

Purify, Balance, Nourish

A deep cleanse treatment followed by an exfoliating peel, a deep cleansing massage and a personally selected masque to purify, balance and nourish any skin type.

This facial is customized to your facial needs.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Custom Deep Cleanse ( 60 min )

Correct Calm Detox

Cleanse, Refine

A deep cleansing and skin refining specifically designed for congested oily problematic skin.

This targeted treatment focuses on these skin conditions to provide immediate and lasting results.  It includes an exclusive professional Multi-acid Complex peel followed by a purifying organic masque. 

A thorough skin analysis and extractions promote healthy looking clear skin.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Correct Calm Detox ( 60 min )
a woman receiving a facial massage in a salon

Advanced Skin Repair

Repair, Revitalize

Result oriented treatment, this is customized to target specific skin conditions which include hyper pigmentation, sensitivity, oily/ congested skin and premature ageing. 

This facial includes an exfoliating peel, a deep cleansing massaged and a masque to help balance and hydrate the skin. A personalized facial serum and crème to follow and a hand and nail treatment to finish off.

90 Min Treatments – with all the results from the advanced repair 60 facial this includes an extra 16 pointy acupressure massage to achieve a natural face life, a personalized intensive repair ampoule and a hand and foot treatment to finish.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Advanced Skin Repair ( 60 min )
Kerstin Florian - Advanced Skin Repair ( 90 min )

With all the results from the advanced repair 60 facial this includes an extra 16 pointy acupressure massage to achieve a natural face life, a personalized intensive repair ampoule and a hand and foot treatment to finish.

Essential Rose Facial

Nourish, Hydrate

For that on the go glow, in 30 minutes rehydrate,glow and nourish.

If you are looking for a treatment that restores radiance and glowing skin, this is the treatment for you. Luxurious Rose essential oils, long known for their rejuvenating properties, help condition and deeply nourish the skin. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.

Services & Pricing

Essential Rose Facial ( 30 min )

Gua Sha

Promotes Radiance

Gua Sha is a 3,000 year old Chinese massage technique that uses a flat tool to apply pressure to the skin to increase circulation as it moves along muscles and facial contours.

Facial Gua Sha is a technique that:

  • NEncourages blood flow & promotes radiance
  • NPrevents wrinkles
  • NDrains fluids to detoxify skin & reduce puffiness by stimulating Lymphatic drainage
  • NActivates cells to regain facial radiance
  • NSloughs off dead skin cells
  • NUplifts and tones skin
  • NFirms up facial muscles
  • NMinimizes dark circles
  • NPromotes a healthy, younger and more radiant look
  • NStimulates microcirculation, increased by 400% to improve Elastin & Collagen production
  • NHelps to relieve Sinus pressure
  • NHelps to relieve stagnation releasing toxins

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Gua Sha ( 60 min )
Kerstin Florian - Gua Sha ( 90 min )


Nurturing Your Skin & Soul

Envelope skin and soul in a restorative refuge, that allows both to renew transform and strengthen.

After a self love meditation Nourishes the spirit, multi function organic products rich in VITAL NUTRIENTS visibly revitalizes the skin.

A massage cleanse, paired masks and custom blend ANDA product blends are enhanced with specialized Gua- Sha techniques and dynamic structured water elixirs to provide proven results that improve not only complexion but skin wellness.

Emerge feeling vital, empowered, and beautiful.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Anda ( 60 min )

Teen Facial

Confidence, Radiance

Teen Facial will be customizes to the clients skin care needs.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - Teen Facials
110.00 and up

K-Lift Anti-Aging Facials

K-Lift Facial Rejuvenation in Less Than an Hour

What is K-Lift?

This Advanced system integrates the strengths of three modalities Visible light Energy (red light), Electron Energy (impulse micro-current), Magnetic Energy (transdermal delivery) which work in harmony with the body’s natural energy to target the underlying causes and factors associated with aging.

Benefits include: Lift and Tone Facial Muscles, Increases Collagen Production, Reduces and Smooth Wrinkles, Tighten Facial Contours and More.

For best results it is suggested that “k-Lift” be preformed in a series with number depending on age and skin needs. (call for package pricing).

a woman receiving a facial massage in a salon

K-Lift 'Advanced Lift Facial'


Transform your skin with “KERSTIN FLORIN’s amazing age management treatment.

⇒ Start with a deep cleanse and exfoliating peel.

⇒ Next is 60 min of the repairing, restoring and collagen increasing LED Red Light along with impulse MicroCurrent to tone and redefine facial muscles.

Treatment includes a infusion of essential nutrients into the deep layers of the skin using cutting edge Transdermal Delivery Technology.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - K-Lift 'Advanced Lift' Facial ( 90 min )
a woman receiving a facial massage in a salon

K-Lift 'Youth Accelerator'

Cleansing, Exfoliating

Includes a deep cleansing and exfoliating multi-acid peel for the face and neck.

⇒ 40 min. LED Red Light and Impulse Micro Current to help awaken cell function to younger levels.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - K-Lift 'Youth Accelerator' ( 60 min )

K-Lift 'Express'

Targeted Refinement

This targeted treatment provides immediate lift, diminished lines and brightening in selected area.

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - K-Lift 'Express'

Facial Add-Ons

Services & Pricing

Kerstin Florian - K-Fusion Facial Add-On
Kerstin Florian - Chitsan Masque Facial Add-On

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Lash & Brow

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Services & Pricing

Classic Eyelash Extension - Full Set

1 eyelash extension to one of your own (Please Note: 50% deposit is required upon booking, call the spa to make arrangements)

- Mini Fill (1 wk)
- 2 week Fill
- 3 week Fill
Hybrid Eyelash Extension - Full Set

A mix of Classic & Volume (Please Note: 50% deposit is required upon booking, call the spa to make arrangements)

- Mini Fill (1 wk)
- 2 week Fill
- 3 week Fill
Wet Mascara Eyelash Extension - Full Set

Wet Mascara is very similar to classics, with a dense- darker look. This includes taking closed fans and applying them 1-1(Please Note: 50% deposit is required upon booking, call the spa to make arrangements)

- Mini Fill (1 wk)
- 2 week Fill
- 3 week Fill
Volume Eyelash Extension - Full Set

Clusters of smaller-sized lashes to create fans that make the lashes look thicker (Please Note: 50% deposit is required upon booking, call the spa to make arrangements)

- Mini Fill (1 wk)
- 2 week Fill
- 3 week Fill
- MEGA Volume Mini Fill (1 wk)
- MEGA Volume 2 week Fill

Eyelash Tints


Simplify your makeup routine by skipping the mascara and trying an eyelash tint or perm.
  • Tints will darken and intensify the colour of your lashes with permanent, cream-based dyes.

Services & Pricing

Lash Tint

Eyebrow Tinting

Lift, Definition

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. ... This creates a longer brow line (brow tail) or fuller front and a more ideal shape.

Services & Pricing

Brow Tint

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Makeup Services

We all could use some pampering in this high-stress world!

Kerstin Florian inspires an incredible sense of well-being with professional-grade spa products.

These European inspired treatments utilize natural resources with formulas that are rich with natural ingredients like algae, thermal mineral water, mud, herbal extracts and essential oils.

a woman receiving a facial massage in a salon

Services & Pricing

Makeup Consultation
Makeup Application
Makeup Lesson

Treat Yourself, Book A Facial Today!

No time is a better time to take care of yourself with a facial treatment from Elements Day Spa!